Wheels Are Turning’, We’re Earnin’

Fontana, California

We’re getting miles.

We left Las Vegas at 1600 ET on Saturday heading east and pulled into Los Angeles at 0800 Eastern this morning, 2694 miles in about 60 hours via Dallas, Oklahoma City and Las Vegas.

We are exhausted, whipped, beat, if I had an ounce of energy I’d think of more descriptive words. We’re turning and learning again, except that this time we can get from Las Vegas to Dallas with our eyes closed – US 95 south to I-40 at Kingman, Arizona, west to Amarilla, Texas, turn right on US 287, past Wichita Falls onto 114 E, the terminal is next to Dallas Fort Worth airport.

New carrier, new system, new paperwork, new people, new personalities and we don’t have a Qualcomm, a satelite communicator, so they are phoning us every couple of hours to “see how we’re doing”. It’s all expedited air freight, so it’s go, go, go!

We hooked a recovery load in Amarillo, after dropping in Oklahoma City. The broker called me after I’d been driving about four hours and actually asked me how long I intended to be at the rest stop.

We expect to be routed back to Columbus, Ohio to get the Qualcomm installed when all this silliness should stop and then to New York so we can load our gear.

We don’t have our tools and it looks like a cyclone hit the sleeper berth, everything is all over the place because we don’t have a place for everything.

The truck feels different, we’re getting used to the noises and creaks and the way it sways. But the air ride suspension is a beautiful thing, the bunk is an extra 3 inches wider and solid, we’re sleeping pretty well – we just need more of it.

It seems we have an “anniversary” edition Volvo with bells and whistles. It’s got a few issues. We have an air leak, somewhere in the tractor. We are at the Inland Kenworth in Fontana, California that did the pre-purchase inspections. It could be the air dryer, which is sneezing, purging air from the air tanks at a rate of two-to-five minutes, which is not good because it could burn out the air compressor which refills the the air tanks, which of course work the brakes.

We’re already seeing a bit of a different truck stop life. Pulled into the TA at Ontario, California this morning for a much needed shower, the first since Friday and laundry. I found a flatbed driver spraying his jeans with 409 heavy duty toxic house cleaner, I almost fell over from the fumes and the surprise. He says it gets the rust out of the jeans.

“Aren’t you worried about the effect on your lungs,” liberal me asks him. “Nope, I smoke.”

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