Truckers Need You to Pick Up the Phone Monday June 28

Irving, Texas

Lack of parking is a life and death issue that truckers deal with daily.

A trucker’s widow, Hope Rivenburg, is trying to do something about it. She needs your help – we need your help – on Monday, June 28, 2010.

Hope’s husband Jason was murdered in South Carolina in 2009. He had arrived at the receiver before his unloading appointment. The company refused to let him stay on their property overnight. He stopped at an abandoned gas station 12 miles away to wait until morning. He was cleaning his dashboard while talking on his cellphone, when a 22-year-old man walked up to his truck and shot Jason twice in the head. The murderer got $7.

Every day drivers cannot find safe parking to comply with a federal law – Hours of Service. These rules allow a 14-hour work day, at the end of the day, which allows a maximum of 11-hours of driving in that time, the driver must take a mandatory 10-hour rest break.

This is not an issue for us, we are a team, someone has always had a ten-hour break and can drive. But most truck drivers are solo drivers. Most solo drivers drive in the day – it’s safer. That’s why truck stops and rest areas are virtually empty during the day, but crowded to capacity by early in the evening.

When there’s no room at a truck stop drivers find places off the Interstates, on dirt roads, on-ramps, in abandoned weigh scales and on abandoned properties.

Some solos have told me that in some parts of the country if they can’t find a place to stop by 6 PM they have a huge problem. The Northeast, the Los Angeles area and Seattle are the worst.

Jason’s widow Hope has been lobbying federal politicians to pass Jason’s Law which sets up a $120 million fund to provide more safe parking for truck drivers.

The Law has 40 sponsors in the House and only 1 sponsor in the Senate.

On Monday, June 28, 2010 please phone your Congressional representative and your two Senators and ask them to support HR2156 in the House and S971 in the Senate.

Reach your elected representative by calling 202-224-3121. The operators will ask for your zip code to put you through to the correct office. Make three calls, one for your congressional representative and a call to each of your two senators.

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