Christmas Miracle: Nuts, Bolts, Glass

Santa Nella, California
enroute to Sacramento

Purple mountains majesty greeted me as I drove into California this morning.

The sun rising from the east bathed the snow covered Sierras in a purple and pink wash. But it wasn’t the color that took my breath away – it was the crystal clear view that tickled me.

If we had a Christmas tree, it would be on top of the truck. We’ve had a trucker miracle or two.

Our transmission is as good as new for FREE. The repairs in New Orleans were paid for by Eaton Transmission under warranty. Like a hot knife through butter, the transmission is sliding through the gears shifting effortlessly.

We did the fist pump as we drove away from the dealership. “We dodged a huge bullet,” McGyver said.  “It could have cost us thousands.”

While the truck was in the shop we gave ourselves another present, we replaced the front windshield, the best $315 I’ve ever spent, may be even better money than the $2,200 to buy and install new shocks.

Four hundred thousand miles left a lot of rock pits and pocks on the window. A crack about a month ago forced the issue and since we were down for repairs anyway we ordered the glass.

We feel like we have a new truck, no more bone-rattling bumps – the highways seem to have improved, except in California and Oklahoma – the tires are hugging the road better, the feeling of sliding around corners has stopped. The shocks were so worn that we think the tires were not sitting on the road squarely.

And my office window view, amazing. The aftermath of the mega rain in the Southern California is emerald green grass as far as the eye can see.

We’re driving all weekend. We’ll drop this load in Sacramento just before Santa departs and pick up some of his overload bound for Dallas.

We’ll be celebrating the day with luxury TA showers somewhere enroute, both us and the truck will get a special scrub, I’ll put clean sheets on the bunk for McGyver and make a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce.

Merry Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Miracle: Nuts, Bolts, Glass

  1. Hey Kids,Happy Xmas. Already contemplating dinner on the day as I am responsible for cooking it. Haven't had the chance for four years. So…am chilling the champagne and just crossing my fingers for the rest. I am no chef! So glad you've got a brand new transmission. Some prezzie!xx Kate


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