Finding a “Local” Everywhere We Go

Buenos Aires, Argentina

We found a local, a nest, in Buenos Aires. It’s human nature, wanting to feel at home. It’s comforting to go where people know your name, remember your likes and dislikes. It’s rejuvenating, giving us the strength to run back out to the real world.

Chef Facundo in the doorway of Voltaire

On the road, the tractor is our primary nest. We love the cozy familiarity, our important stuff around us, slippers, computers, wifi.

The Hilton properties are like home too, now familiar, the same routine, cookie at check-in, king-size bed, breakfast in the morning, often the same TV channels at the same place on the dial. The computer spits out our name and guest status for that special hello.

Voltaire Coffee and Deli in Palermo Hollywood

When we take our breaks we look for a local place to call home. In yesterday’s post, we talked about our special find, Voltaire Coffee and Deli four blocks from our hotel, we wandered by on our second day in the city. We liked the look of the cafe instantly. Simple with mischief.  It deserves a special post.

Cheerful yellow and green accents brighten the simple decor

We discovered Chef Facundo, gregarious and his front man Juan, studious, both charming. The cafe has the a la IKEA feel, blonde wood shelving, mostly white, with accents of cheerful yellow and green. Sipping the cafe con leche and inspecting the decor, we noticed that the chandelier hanging over the cash register is made of clothes pegs. Very clever.

Juan below the clothes pin chandelier.

Everything we have been served at the cafe has been fresh and tasty, not too salty, not to sweet allowing the flavor to speak including the Frozen Limonada, fresh squeezed lemons, just enough sugar, a teaspoon to turn sour into little tart, mint and and ginger frappeed with ice creating a heavenly refreshment.

Yesterday and today, we sat at tables on the sidewalk, a gentle breeze, rustling the leaves above. It was warm, but not too warm, the street was busy but not too busy and the company, as always the best.

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