There’s Always a Price

New York, NY

We experienced an almost 80 degree Fahrenheit drop between the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere on our return from Argentina.

When we left Buenos Aires Sunday night it was 85 degrees (29 Celsius). When we disembarked in New York at 0600 it was seven degrees (minus 13 Celsius). We walked 10 minutes from the subway to our storage locker to pick up our down jackets. It was was so cold that our foreheads and ears burned like an ice cream headache. McGyver bitched all the way. “This is what we get for you talking about how great the weather was in Buenos Aires,” he grumbled as we trudged along the ice edged sidewalks wearing only his sports jacket.

While winter is not over, we see Spring in our future. It’s 1700 Eastern time and there is still lots of light in the sky.

One thought on “There’s Always a Price

  1. Hola holaEstoy muy agradecido a la vida por conocer gente humilde y sincera como lo han sido ustedes…Gracias por regalarnos esas hermosas fotos y esos comentarios del corazon.La tarta de mi abuela los va a extrañar.GRACIASFACUNDO- VOLTAIRE


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