Win a FREE Trucker’s Essential

Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Win a hand-distressed, dog-eared, much-thumbed, always-dependable trucker’s atlas by answering a trucker riddle.

Win a FREE Trucker's Essential

Hand-distressed trucker’s atlas has been a constant companion aboard Black Beauty for some 300,000 miles in the Lower 48 and Canada

This 2011 Motor Carrier Road Atlas by Rand McNally, known by drivers as the trucker’s atlas — in use since mid-2010 because everything to do with wheels seems to be available a year earlier — says adventurer. Proof that you have a few blocks under your belt.

It is split in two pieces, chicly divided at the Manhattan city detail map. One section is Alabama to New York, the remainder is New York to Wyoming PLUS the Canadian provinces and Mexico.

The cover, although detached, has been preserved and will be included. The page with the state-by-state fuel tax listings is missing, torn out and donated to a Canadian husband/wife team trying to get the best deal on fuel in the U.S.

This is a typical problem for commercial drivers in the 365, 24/7 world of 49 states, ten provinces and three territories.

“A husband/wife team, expedited drivers, is loaded on the Pacific coast with zinc borate, a wood preservative. The load is sub-brokered. This means the drivers accepted the load from an agent who is filling a truck order from a broker, a logistics company. The shipper is not the agent’s direct customer, but both the broker and the agent, who is located in Illinois, get a cut of the rate per mile.

The load will be delivered in 46 hours about 500 miles northwest of Chicago in Wisconsin. The drivers log their driving and working time in Eastern Daylight Savings Time, the time zone of their home terminal, as required by Department of Transport regulations.

The broker on the load sent an email asking for check calls at 0900 and 1800.”

What time zone is the broker in?

Tell me that you’re interested in winning the vintage-look trucker’s atlas, either on the blog or using the Contact page and the names of those interested will go in a bowl. MacGyver, blindfolded, will select the winner. If the winner doesn’t know the answer, we’ll give them the answer.

The winner will receive the atlas by US Postal Service as soon as the 2013 atlases hit the truck stops in mid-May. Yes, we have Google Maps on the iPad, but there’s nothing like the comfort of a hard copy of the trucker’s atlas to confirm the roads we’ve chosen are really truck routes.

The answer will be posted Tuesday morning under “Follow up”.

5 thoughts on “Win a FREE Trucker’s Essential

  1. Central Your blog is always a good read. If I am lucky enough to win, please give my prize to a worthy driver of your choice.


  2. Don't need the Atlas and too tired to guess the time. Just posting to sat that I have found hard copy maps to still be very useful in many situations.


  3. I've suffered a little blog glitch with the contact and comments, but it seems to be back in order. To Holden, welcome. Thanks for the compliment. I hope you'll continue to enjoy the posts. To Gil, it's surprising how essential a paper map is, Google Maps doesn't do truck routes, there are programs for that, but it's just reassuring for me to look at a paper map. Like Salena says the truck GPS is unreliable — for instance, it still, after more than two years on the market, does NOT know that a big truck cannot drive straight through Atlanta, trucks must use the ring road, I-285 — and still works only best as a companion to directions and a map. And nobody gives directions anymore, they just assume every truck driver has a GPS and almost all do, but around in a circle, GPS's are not reliable.To Phil, we wrote little MacGyverisms, etc., notes in the margins in our first map, a 2008, when we gave up using it, we kept in the truck for another year almost saying that we would write the notes elsewhere, such important things as the rest areas, turnouts and scenic overlooks on I-70 through Colorado between Grand Junction and Denver that can take a big truck and never did it. And finally, the answer is, drum roll please, Central Time. Turned out the broker was in Illinois, just like the sub agent and I was calling him on Pacific Time, and he was a little miffed. Like I'm supposed to divine that from some mystical source, people can be anywhere in this business.


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