Maybe Last Chance to Sideline EOBRs

Fairview, Oregon

It’s time to get on the phone, if you have a Senator on the Conference Committee for the Highways Bill. OOIDA says the decision could be made TODAY folding EOBRs into the Highways Bill.

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida is on that committee, I just called his office and registered my opposition to mandatory EOBRs. The other Senators on the committee are: Barbara Boxer, CA; Max Baucus, MT, John Rockefeller, WV; Richard Durbin, IL; Tim Johnson, SD, Charles Schumer, NY; Robert Menendez, NJ, James Inhofe, OK; David Vitter, LA; Orin Hatch, UT; Richard Shelby AL; Kay Bailey Hutchison, TX; and John Hoeven, ND.

The pro-EOBR lobbyists have money, we have votes. Go to for contact information for Senators.

Here is the email from OOIDA.

Congress may decide whether or not to require all truckers to buy and use EOBRs TODAY.


Your Senator is one of the elected officials in Washington, DC who was appointed to be on the conference committee for the “Highway Bill” where special interests are pushing for EOBRs to be MANDATED for all truckers.  Your elected officials and their staff need to hear from you NOW!

The House and Senate are in the last stages of negotiations on a final version of the Highway Bill.  A decision on EOBRs could be made TODAY.

We understand that Senator Rockefeller, the Chairman of the Commerce Committee, is caving to big carriers and so-called safety advocates and is now supporting the EOBR requirement.  As the Chairman, he has the power to make or break the EOBR provision and we need help pushing back!

Please call your Senator as soon as possible. See information below.


“I am a trucker and I am 100 percent opposed to Congress mandating Electronic On-Board Recorders for truckers.  As my representative, you MUST oppose EOBRs in the Highway Bill.”

Please call your Senator and ask them to pull the EOBR mandate from the highway bill! Tell them that this $2 billion Big Brother mandate has no place in a bill about roads and bridges.

Thank you!

Barbara Boxer, CA 202-224-3553

Max Baucus, MT 202-224-2651

John Rockefeller, WV 202-224-6472

Richard Durbin, IL 202-224-2152

Tim Johnson, SD 202-224-5842

Charles Schumer, NY 202-224-6542

Bill Nelson, FL 202-224-5274

Robert Menendez, NJ 202-224-4744

James Inhofe, OK 202-224-4721

David Vitter, LA 202-224-4623

Orrin Hatch, UT 202-224-5251

Richard Shelby, AL 202-224-5744

Kay Bailey Hutchison, TX 202-224-5922

John Hoeven, ND 202-224-2551

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