Still Time to Have Say on Mandatory EOBRs

Tucson, Arizona

Message from OOIDA — Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association — the use of mandartory EOBRs, Electronic OnBoard Recorders for truckers is STILL in the Highways Bill. An amendment to prevent this will likely come up today. It is time to contact your Congressperson to have your say. By calling 202-224-3121 and asking the Capitol Hill operator for your representative.

EOBRs do not make the highways, truckers or motorists safer. They will however increase profits, at the expense of owner operators, for the makers and the motor carriers. The taxpayer should not be complicit in making this happen.

Here is OOIDA’s Message.

Dear OOIDA Member,

We need your help again! You might be hearing from various media sources that the EOBR mandate has been removed from the Highway Bill. Those sources are INCORRECT. The mandate is still in the Highway Bill.

Sometime after noon (Eastern Time) today, Congressman Landry (LA), Congressman Nick Rahall (WV), Congresswomen Jamie Herrera-Beutler (WA), Congressman Tom Graves (GA), and Congressman Bill Huizinga (MI) are going to offer an amendment to the 2013 Transportation Appropriations that will keep the DOT from using taxpayer dollars to mandate that truckers buy and use EOBRs. We need this amendment to pass!

Because the EOBR mandate is still in the Highway Bill, that makes it even more important that we garner as much support as we can for the Landry-Rahall amendment to the Transportation Appropriations Bill.

Please call your Representative in the US House AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Tell your friends, family members and fellow truckers to call, too.

Tell your Representative to:

“Vote YES for the Landry-Rahall amendment to the Transportation Appropriations bill.”

To contact your lawmaker, please call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121, provide the operator with your home zip code and ask them to connect you with your Representative.

Call TODAY (Friday, June 29) to have your say.

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