Update: Victory, But the Battle Will Continue

Tucson, Arizona

Just hung up from talking with my Congressman’s office. I called to thank him for supporting the Landry amendment to the Highways Bill.


The House of Representatives just passed the Landry amendment!

That amendment to the Transportation Appropriations bill will keep the DOT from using taxpayer dollars to move forward with any regulations to mandate EOBRs during fiscal year 2013.

While this amendment is just for the House version of that bill and must still be sought in the Senate’s transportation appropriations bill, its passing is a huge victory for everyone who opposes the government mandating EOBRs.

Thank you to everyone who made their voice heard with their lawmakers in Washington, DC.

The amendment passed without a recorded vote so we do not know exactly how each lawmaker voted, but if your lawmaker’s office indicated that they would support the amendment please call them back to say ”thank you.”

The battle over EOBRs is far from over, but together we are up to the challenges ahead.

 THANK YOU! From OOIDA and from me!

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