Holiday Elves Hard at Work

Tolleson, Arizona

Since Thanksgiving we have been driving laps across the country delivering gifts. The pace is hectic.

Every year Owner Operator Teams are recruited to bolster the ranks of drivers pulling two-day delivery freight. We signed on for four weeks of GoGoGo.

The routine is simple. Drive, eat, sleep. Drive, eat, sleep. If we’re lucky, grab an hour for a shower. Then drive, eat, sleep. I even gave up coffee to limit the number of stops I usually like to take, which is one every couple of hours in an eleven hour driving day. I should have gone into training for this because by the end of the second week, where we clocked 6,300 miles, my butt ached from sitting.

When Santa finally sleeps, we will be back to the blog.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Elves Hard at Work

  1. God Bless you guys for doing this. I bet that you aren't working for the USPS. The reason I said that is it took them three days to get a package (priority Mail) from Brooklyn, NY to Norwich, CT. When they had mail cars on the NY, NH & Hartford RR it was overnight. On the other hand a package from LL Bean in Freeport, ME got here overnight with regular UPS!!! If I'm not in contact again before Christmas, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


  2. Good luck to you delivery elves.Did you trick your truck out at all, a la Salena and Ed's?Stay safe and more blog posts when you come up for air, please.


  3. Thank you all for your holiday wishes. We have completed our Santa run, the old man is on his own to bring it all home.The pace was hectic enough that I am now fighting a bit of a cough, dang! We were blessed by dry roads, we had only one run where we dropped the auto chains, west of Denver on I-70, because there was no time for dillydallying. MacGyver was congratulating himself for deciding to spend every penny of the $5,000 cost watching the other drivers pull over to hang the irons.We do, in fact, decorate the truck. MacGyver has a simple design aesthetic. We have one string of Target B7 LED lights — he particularly likes the saffron and colbalt blue lights — which he runs across the top bunk so passers by can see the lights through the top sleeper windows. When stopped, he rehangs the lights across the front window.Best wishes to you all this holiday season. Posts return in the next day or so.


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