Gentlemen Start Your Engines

Montreal, Quebec

Two weeks now, I’ve been fretting over the second act of The War of the Roads. MacGyver says, “the only people who care are truckers.” I know. “And it makes you sound a little crazy,” he adds. I know.

On July 1, we will undergo major changes to our working day and working week. The regulators are turning truck drivers into bankers. And least in terms of working hours. Despite my number crunching, I cannot project how the changes will affect the considerable financial investment we have in this industry, and I don’t like that. But trip planning will be a feat.

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

Reliving the Ferrari World dream in Montreal. Amazing co-incidence, one of the stylists at the salon I visited today cut Michael Schumacher’s hair. Must tell MacGyver.

In order to move on, enjoy the summer and roll with the punches, I have to get it off my chest. So I am working on Act Two while we are in Montreal for MacGyver’s Extravagant Festival, the Formula One race.

In the meantime, check out my Facebook page for Extravagant Festival updates and visit The Daily Rant. I had a brilliant idea for 2013, since I view Formula One from the vantage point of an F1 Widow. We have Salena and Eddie with us. While the boys are doing all things F1, we are playing Ladies Who Lunch.

2 thoughts on “Gentlemen Start Your Engines

  1. Was going to tell you to have a great time but i see you are all doing that already.Good time to be away from Florida too.


  2. June, I'm delighted to say it's perfect weather in Montreal. The temperature hasn't risen above 65 so far and there was sun Monday and Tuesday. Today it's overcast with a threat of drizzle. As a woman of a certain age I can't do hot and humid anymore.


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