Steeling Himself for Another Eleven

Port St. Lucie, Florida

Martha says Eleven is steel, but I think it’s silk.

What’s more thrilling, when one is living, joined at the elbow, literally not figuratively, with one’s husband, than celebrating an eleventh wedding anniversary?

Steeling Himself for Another Eleven

In lieu of any festivities, which typically cost money, I marked my 11th wedding anniversary by trying on my wedding dress.

Fitting into your wedding dress!

It is especially thrilling because it is the same dress I was wearing when MacGyver asked me for our first date 22-years ago.

For me nothing tastes as good as fitting into that dress. So I continue to avoid obvious and added sugar and take 30 minute sort-of-brisk walks, do stretches and a yoga plank pose.

“Eleven? Really?,” said MacGyver.

Isn’t he sweet.

2 thoughts on “Steeling Himself for Another Eleven

  1. Happy Belated Anniversary! If you had a scarf, helmet and a big bag I would have thought you were in Naples or Rome in your lovely dress with you scooter.


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